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Brazil National Museum and RFI Sound Kitchen

Brazil National MuseumIt is a shocking news that the National Museum of Brazil destroyed by fire.  Brazil National Museum was one of the largest museum in the Americans. Radio France International covered this news very well. RFI Sound kitchen 08 September quiz is the same.

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TRT Urdu September 2018 : Question of the Month

TRT Urdu September 2018Voice of Turkey – TRT Urdu September 2018 question of the month announced at the beginning of the month. As like as many countries August is a historic day also for Turkey. September 2018 quiz focused on it. Listeners have to choose the right answer from the given three option and send it to TRT Urdu by 30 September 2018.

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NHK September 2018 : Bangla Quiz

NHK September 2018রেডিও জাপান- বাংলা অনুষ্ঠান এর ২৮শেআগষ্ট 2018 পর্বেোষনা করা হয়েছে NHK September 2018 এর ইজ প্রশ্ন। একটু বিরতির পর আবারও এইচকে ওর্য়াল্ড জাপানের বাংলা কুইজ নিয়ে লিখতে বসলাম। সবাই  জানেন রেডিও জাপান বাংলা অনুষ্ঠানের নিয়মিত চিঠিরআসরের নাম  কথা ও সুর। প্রতি মাসে এ অনুষ্ঠানে  প্রচার করা কুইজে থাকে ২টি প্রশ্ন।

NHK September 2018  Bengali Quiz Question 

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Cz September 2018 : Czech Statehood Day

Cz September 2018 quizRadio Prague Cz September 2018 quiz on Board now. Radio Praha’s September 2018 quiz is on Czech Statehood day, a Public holiday in Czech Republic.

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Amazon Warriors Benin and RFI Sound Kitchen

Amazon Warriors BeninThank you Susan Owensby of RFI for forced me to explore more on Amazon Warriors Benin. September 01, 2018, the Sound Kitchen of Radio France International wants to know about them. As a regular listener (not a regular participants) this question forced me to read more on those all-female military regiment.

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