RRI Goes Digital B22 All DRM

RRI Goes Digital

Radio Romania International announced its Winter schedule for the year 2022. Listeners were able to notice that RRI Goes Digital in B22 winter transmission. Here I have tried my best to pick the latest update from Radio Romania. Please adjust some changes if you follow HFCC B22 or any other online guide. Like the English transmission for India.

RRI Goes Digital B22 Schedule

In the winter of 2022 (B22), RRI has thirteen languages worldwide. All those 13 (including Romanian) have shortwave transmission. In the last A22, English for the Indian subcontinent had both traditional shortwave and the DRM SW broadcast, but both are DRM mode this time. Below please find the latest DRM B22 Schedule of Radio Romania International.

Radio Romania International DRM B22

Time (UTC)LanguageFrequency (kHz)DaysTarget AreaProgram Name
0500-0600Romanian7220DailyEu (West)RRI 1 Romania in Direct
0400-0500English11705DailyIndiaRRI 2 Radio Bridges
0400-0500English15260DailyIndiaRRI 2 Radio Bridges
0630-0700English6040DailyEu (West)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
1800-1900English7350DailyEu (West)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
2130-2200English6030DailyEu (West)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
0600-0630French9520DailyEu (South)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
2100-2130French6030DailyEu (South)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
1700-1800French9720DailyEu (South)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
1900-2000German7235DailyEu (West)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
0700-0730German11620DailyEu (West)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
1900-1930Italian5955DailyEu (South)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
0500-0530Chinese15260DailyFar EastRRI 2 Radio Bridges
0530-0600Russian9420DailyEu (East)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
1600-1630Russian17530DailyEu (East)RRI 2 Radio Bridges
2200-2300Spanish13580DailyS AmericaRRI 2 Radio Bridges
RRI Winter Schedule DRM B22

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