Azerbaijan: first steps toward DAB+

Azerbaijan : first steps toward DAB+To Support The European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) requiring all new cars sold to include digital radio from December 2020, Azerbaijan takes first steps toward DAB+ deployment. EECC is having reverberations well beyond the EU, as evidenced most recently by the growing interest among the network operator and broadcasters in Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan broadcast radio is the predominant source of information and entertainment in the car.

Azerbaijan : first steps toward DAB+

Representatives from network operator TeleRadio PU and the Azerbaijan Automobile Dealers Association (AADA) met recently. They discussed how to ensure the DAB+ digital radio in Azerbaijan. It also included as standard in all new cars imported and sold in Azerbaijan. They also considered how to promote the benefits of DAB+ in the car to radio listeners. DAB+ is currently available only as an installed aftermarket device.

AADA confirmed it will carry out a review of the current radio landscape in Azerbaijan, with particular focus on DAB+. Which include market research to understand more fully the perceptions and needs of both drivers and car dealers. In relation to radio Teleradio PU committed to providing financial support for the launch of consumer marketing campaigns aimed at raising driver awareness of DAB+ digital radio.

Azerbaijan’s network operator Teleradio PU joined WorldDAB in June 2020. This cooperation is to help inform their process as they work toward implementing DAB+

Source: WorldDAB News



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