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NHK World now new Brand: NHK World Japan

NHK World Japan

New Logo : NHK World Japan

NHK World, the International Broadcasting service of Japan once again changed their brand. NHK world Radio Japan or NHK world TV now called NHK World Japan. From the very beginning day of April NHK launched it’s new Brand.

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Historic Building Radio Slovakia International

Historic Building

Historic Building Radio Slovakia

Radio Slovakia International (RSI), the international broadcasting station of independent Slovakia began broadcasting on 4 January 1993. The broadcasting house of RSI now declared a Historic Building in Slovakia. This Slovak radio building is in Bratislava. Internet based international broadcaster, RSI ceased SW long ago.

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How do you Know about Paula Chao of RTI?

Paula ChaoMs Paula Chao, is a name of radio personal. She is the coordinator of English Service of Radio Taiwan International. Before joining Radio Taiwan International, she worked six years for Voice of Free China. Paula Chao graduated in history from Tamkang University. From the University of California, she received her MA degree in Comparative Education and Social Science. Read More

স্মৃতিপটে Radio Ukraine International ও Radio Kiev

Radio Ukraine InternationalRadio Ukraine International ইউক্রেনের জাতীয় সমপ্রচার সেবা। National Radio Company of Ukraine (NRCU) এর অংশ হিসেবে এটি ইউ্ক্রেনের কন্ঠস্বর হয়ে ইউক্রেন তথা সারা বিশ্বে বেতার সেবা পৌছে দিচ্ছে। রাজধানী কিয়েভ (Kyiv) এর হৃদয় প্রচারিত হয় RUIএর অনুষ্ঠান। ৬০এর ও বেশী প্রশিক্ষিত বেতার কর্মীর নিরলস প্রচেষ্টার ফল এ বেতার সম্প্রচার।

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Switzerland 2025: No FM only DAB

Switzerland 2025: No FM only DABThe Swiss Government has taken the decision to facilitate the transition from FM to DAB+.  The Federal Council of 25 October 2017, shows, “ Switzerland 2025: No FM only DAB + “.

Radio broadcasting history of Switzerland started from 1935. This year Swiss Radio International came to air as pub lic service broadcasting. Swiss Radio International ceased all of her radio broadcast from the end of October 2004 (B04).

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