French Swimmer and RFI Sound Kitchen

French SwimmerThe Sound Kitchen, the Listeners Kitchen of Radio France International. Yammy dishes like feedback, comments, audio clip, listeners Interview. Quiz and many more are cooked by an expert chef Susan in an every week. June 09 2018 Susan main recipe was Quiz winners name along with French Swimmer and his fight against  garbage.   

French Swimmer crossing Pacific

French Swimmer to cross Great Pacific Garbage on six months swim, was the headline of CNN, June 05, 2018. Yes this French American Swimmer started swim to raise awareness on Plastic pollution on ocean. 51 years old French man started swimming from Choshi, Japan and his destination is San Francisco. Distance only 5.500 miles!

More than six years of preparations have lead to this moment. Finally really to start my swim across the Pacific Ocean. #theswim #benlecomtetheswim watch the live stream of my departure on @Seeker Facebook. @Discovery (Twitted by Ben)

After swimming eight hours on each day, Lecomte will rest and recover on his Yacht Discoverer. And started from the same point on the next day.

French Swimmer and RFI Sound Kitchen Quiz

The Sound Kitchen 09 June 2018 edition need a simple answer on this swimmer. To respect RFI’s policy, you have to visit RFI Sound Kitchen for the Quiz Question. Edited clip may available on RFI SSBD Website. You may find your answer into this article if you read it carefully.

Deadline for this quiz is July 09, 2018. Winners will announce on July 14, 2018 program. All the best.


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