The Seventh Day Adventist Church started Adventist World Radio in the year 1971. It was established as a radio mission arm. AWR utilizes AM, FM, shortwave, satellite, pod-casting, and the Internet, broadcasting in 77 major language groups of the world with a potential coverage of 80% of the world’s population. AWR’s headquarters is in Silver Spring, Maryland, with studios throughout the world. Adventist world radio issues various series of QSLs for its each and every transmitter. AWR QSL is very popular in the DX World.

 I have been with this radio since 1990, and able to collect a very Adventist Word Radio QSL from its huge gallery. Here I am trying to represent some of them.

Ashik’s AWR QSL Valley:

Adventist World Radio – QSL Cards from Ashik Eqbal Tokon’s Collection.

Adventist World Radio Bangla A17 is available on AWR A17, Tune the program and send a reception report to collect QSL Cards from Adventist World Radio. Please note the grand Finale of the Wavescan contest result is also available on Wavescan 2016 Result.

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