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Mogolia Visit 2017: Day 5 – Tumen Ekh

This is the story of my last Mongolia visit from 09-17 November 2017. As I landed Mongolia on November 10, 2017 it was minus 9 degree Celsius. November 14, 2017 was my fifth day of the tour. I got a chance to visit Tumen Ekh.

Tumen Ekh – Mogolia visit Day 5:

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Who is the RRI Personality of the Year 2017?

Radio Romania International invites you to select, RRI Personality of the Year 2017.  RRI would like to know which personality you think left their imprint on the world, in a positive way, in 2017.

RRI Personality of the Year 2017
RRI Personality of the Year 2017

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RTI B17 Sortwave Schedule

RTI B17Radio Taiwan International (RTI) was established by the Kuomintang (KMT) government as the Central Broadcasting System (CBS) in Nanjing, China, in 1928. It is one of the world’s oldest radio stations that is still in operation today.  Radio Taiwan International broadcasts worldwide from the Republic of China on Taiwan. RTI B17 schedule yet shows as the same as A17.

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November Quiz 2017 NHK Bangla

November quiz 2017 of NHK Bengali Service disclosed last week in the mailbag show “কথা ও সুর “. To take part in this monthly contest, listeners have to send the answer of two easy question.

November Quiz 2017

Osamo Tezuka Manga Picture Credit AmReading web

November Quiz 2017 Question              

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HSK9 B17 : Radio Thailand World Service

HSK9 B17Radio Thailand is a public radio station of Thailand. National Broadcasting Service of Thailand operates this. Radio Thailand World Service (RTWS) is the international service of NBT. Radio Thailand started its journey on 28 October 1938. It was under call sign HSK9. Radio Thailand is still using this call sign on its broadcast. HSK9 B17 schedule of Radio Thailand World Service shows it’s replaced 15590 kHz by 13745 kHz.

Radio Thailand World Service HSK9 B17 schedule 

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