HSK9 B17 : Radio Thailand World Service

HSK9 B17Radio Thailand is a public radio station of Thailand. National Broadcasting Service of Thailand operates this. Radio Thailand World Service (RTWS) is the international service of NBT. Radio Thailand started its journey on 28 October 1938. It was under call sign HSK9. Radio Thailand is still using this call sign on its broadcast. HSK9 B17 schedule of Radio Thailand World Service shows it’s replaced 15590 kHz by 13745 kHz.

Radio Thailand World Service HSK9 B17 schedule 

HSK9 B17 English Service is using 8 time slots in a day. Each of this HSK9 English is a half an hour transmission, covering news of Thailand and the world. Here are the details of HSK9 B17 Schedule:

Start (UTC) End  (UTC) Frequency (kHz) Language Days
00:00 00:30 13745 English Daily
00:30 01:00 13745 English Daily
02:00 02:30 13745 English Daily
05:30 06:00 17640 English Daily
12:30 13:00 9390 English Daily
14:00 14:30 9390 English Daily
19:00 20:00 9390 English Daily
20:30 20:45 9390 English Daily

Source: HFCC B17 Schedule

More B17 Winter schedule are available on : B17 Schedule


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