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Monthly Quiz: Radio Prague February 2018

Radio Prague February 2018

Radio Prague February 2018 : Jiří Raška (Picture from Web)

In the history of Olympic games Czechoslovakia was present since 1920 to 1992. Only the year 1984 was boycott as it was in the Soviet Block. From 1900 to 1912 it was participated as Bohemia. Monthly quiz of Radio Prague February 2018 focused on the Olympic Games. From 1993 Czechoslovakia participated two separate country Czech republic and Slovakia.

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Monthly Quiz: Radio Prague January 2018

Prague January 2018Monthly Quiz : Radio Prague January 2018 announced. Listeners have to answer a simple question again for this contest. Question are highly focused on Czech History, culture or tradition. At the end of January 2018 Radio Prague select six winners from the correct answer.

January 2018 question, will drive listeners to discover on of the oldest castle/Chateau of Czech. It’s not only using by modern Czech President also used by the President of Czechoslovakia.

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Radio Prague October 2017 Quiz

Radio Prague October 2017 Quiz is now available on the web of Radio Cz. It’s time to test your knowledge of things of Czech!  For the month of October Radio Prague asks question on Great Pardubice Steeplechase.

At the end of October 2017 six winners from the correct answers will select. Send your answer and be a lucky winner

Radio Prague October 2017 Quiz:

Question for October:

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September Quiz on Czech National Tree

How do you know about Czech national symbols? Like Czech National Tree, National Flower, National Fruits or the National Anthem. Test your knowledge on Czech. Day one of each month Radio Prague disclosed their months quiz and the winner at the last day.

For September 2017, Radio Prague selected their quiz topics on one of their national symbol. Here is the question for September 2017:

What is the name of the Czech National Tree? 

Just send your answer to by the end of September and be one of the six lucky winners.

Czech National Tree

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Radio Prague August 2017 Quiz on Dux

Radio Prague August 2017 QuizAre you ready to Join Radio Prague August 2017 Quiz! Test your knowledge on Czech and win prizes by taking part into the Radio Prague’s contest. You have to send your answer before the end of of this month. Six lucky winners will announce at the end of August 2017.

Radio Prague August 2017 Quiz

Question : What is the name of the chateau where Giacomo Casanova spent the last years of his life? 

Send your answer to .

Giacomo Casanova

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