Quiz : Radio Prague August 2018

Radio Prague August 2018Once again test your knowledge on Czech Republic. In Radio Prague August 2018 quiz Radio Praha want to know about Czech Postage Stamp. If you are a stamp collector (Philatelist) and a listener of Radio Prague, it is a simple question for you. Lets check the question and try your luck.

What is a Postage Stamp?

We now live in a digital world. Everything in now on finger tips. Only Zero and One are operating the whole system. Email is now the replacement of Mail. The traditional mail is almost in history now. But once it was the main communication system for the human being’s. Postage stamp is one of the major components in that system.

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper which purchased and displayed on an item of mail. It is an evidence of payment of postage. Typically, stamps are printed on special custom-made paper; show a national designation and a denomination (value) on the front. It has an adhesive gum on the back or is self-adhesive. Postage stamps are purchased from a post office to pay for the costs involved in moving mail.

Stamps are usually rectangular, but triangles or other shapes also use occasionally. The stamp is affixed to an envelope or other postal cover (e.g., packet, box, mailing cylinder) the customer wishes to send. The item then processed by the postal system. A postmark usually applied in overlapping manner to stamp and cover.

Stamp of Czechoslovakia

The first stamps issued in October 1918. The Hradčany Castle stamps illustrate the castle in Prague with the sun symbolically rising behind. It is synonymous with the birth of the new state though the sun does not actually rise behind the castle. Graphic designer Alphonse Mucha designed the stamp. Before the establishment of the First Czechoslovak Republic stamps of the Austro-Hungarian Empire used and remained valid until 15 March 1919.

The first stamps of the Czech Republic issued on 20 January 1993. It happened after the split of former Czechoslovakia into the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Before then, stamps of the Czechoslovak Republic were in use and were still valid until 30 September 1993. Stamps of the Czech Republic marked Česká republika. The Ministry of Communication printed the First stamps.

The rarest stamp was printed in the last days of the Habsburg Empire.  The old imperial stamps still considered valid even after Czechoslovakia came into existence in 1918. That makes it probably the most unique Czechoslovak stamp in existence.  What makes this stamp so special?  In green ink and in German, it printed with the words “imperial and royal Austrian post: four crowns”. Superimposed along on a diagonal on top of that, in black ink, and in Czech, are the words “Czechoslovak Post 1919”.

In 1959, the state took the stamp out of private hands and gave it to the Czechoslovak Postal Museum, where it languished in a vault for more than 30 years. After the fall of Communism, the stamp changed hands again in the process of restitution.

Radio Prague August 2018 Quiz Question

In August Prague will host an international stamp exhibition. From what year is the most valuable Czech stamp?

Remember 30 August 2018 is the last date of this quiz. Hurry read this article carefully and send your answer to Radio Prague. You may send your answer only by email.

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