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Radio Prague June 2017 Quiz on WWII

Radio Praha announces Quiz of the month, Radio Prague June 2017 quiz. The first day of each month Radio Prague ask a question on Czech History, Culture or any thing related Prague. From each correct answer Radio Prague selected six winners of the month.

For the month of June Radio Prague chosen a tragic massacre of Czechoslovakia. In the year 1942 the Nazi drove this massacre on the Czech land.

Radio Prague June 2017 quiz question :

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Monthly Quiz Radio Prague May 2017

Every month Radio Prague announces quiz question of the month. Radio Prague draws six winners from the correct answers received. Join the contest of Radio Prague May 2017 and win a Radio Prague prize!

Radio Prague selected topics of compulsory primary school education in the Czech lands for May.

Radio Prague May 2017

Czech students (Picture from Net)

The education history of Czech  begins in 863 with invitation from Rastislav of Moravia. It continues to Cyril and Methodius to come to Great Moravia. Charles IV founded the first university in the central Europe in 7 April 1348. It was  the biggest step in Czech’s education system.

According to school calendar, school session starts in September, a date established in around 1905, and schools break up at the end of June. It is divided into two semesters with exams at the end of each, separated by a one-day break and summer holidays. The summer holidays were not for rest and recreation of the children. It was for the necessary helping hands during harvest work.

In 1774, Compulsory primary education introduced in the Czech lands . The Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa (1740–1788) passed the law that every child between ages 6–12 is required to attend school. In 1869, compulsory education extended from six to eight years. But several changes introduced between 1945 and 1989. Primary schools use old curricula in the school year 2006-2007 for the last time. After a trial run, all schools following new courses from September 2007.

How do you know about Czech! Answer the Radio Prague May 2017 quiz and be winner of Cool prizes.

Question of Radio Prague May 2017 quiz :

Tell the name of the ruler, born 300 years ago, who introduced compulsory primary school education in the Czech lands.

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Radio Prague February Quiz 2017

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Radio Prague February Quiz

Radio Prague February Quiz focused their question on a Czech writer, who died 20 years ago in this 03 February.  The author was regarded as one of the best Czechs writers of the 20th century.  He was born in the city of Brno on 28 March 1914 to an unmarried mother, Marie Božena Kiliánová. Brno was then the province of Moravia within Austria-Hungary.

In 1956, He married Eliška Plevová (‘Pipsi’ to Him), the daughter of Karel Pleva. Karel Pleva was procurator and manager of a wood factory in the South Moravian town of Břeclav. In 1965, the couple bought a country cottage in Kersko, near Nymburk; the cottage became home to his numerous cats.

Closely Observed Trains (Ostře sledované vlaky, 1965) and I Served the King of England (1971) are His two best-known novels . Both novels were made into movies by the acclaimed Czech director Jiří Menzel (in 1966 and 2006, respectively). He worked closely with Menzel on the script for Closely Observed Trains which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1968.

The Author died in February 1997 after falling from a window on the fifth floor of the Bulovka Hospital in Prague, attempting to feed pigeons. It was noted, however, that suicides were mentioned in several of his books, and early in the morning on the day of his death he mentioned an “invitation” he received in his dream from a dead poet, who was buried in the cemetery next to hospital. His doctor had no doubts about his death being a suicide. He was buried in his family’s crypt in a cemetery in Hradištko. According to his wishes, he was buried in an oak coffin marked with the inscription “Pivovar Polná” (Polná Brewery), the brewery where his mother and stepfather had met.  [source Wikipedia]

Question for Radio Prague February Quiz:

Who is the author of the novels: Closely Watched Trains, I Served the King of England and Too Loud a Solitude?

Answers should be sent to by the end of the month.

The winners will be featured on Radio Prague’s website.

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