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September Quiz on Czech National Tree

How do you know about Czech national symbols? Like Czech National Tree, National Flower, National Fruits or the National Anthem. Test your knowledge on Czech. Day one of each month Radio Prague disclosed their months quiz and the winner at the last day.

For September 2017, Radio Prague selected their quiz topics on one of their national symbol. Here is the question for September 2017:

What is the name of the Czech National Tree? 

Just send your answer to by the end of September and be one of the six lucky winners.

Czech National Tree

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Radio Prague August 2017 Quiz on Dux

Radio Prague August 2017 QuizAre you ready to Join Radio Prague August 2017 Quiz! Test your knowledge on Czech and win prizes by taking part into the Radio Prague’s contest. You have to send your answer before the end of of this month. Six lucky winners will announce at the end of August 2017.

Radio Prague August 2017 Quiz

Question : What is the name of the chateau where Giacomo Casanova spent the last years of his life? 

Send your answer to .

Giacomo Casanova

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Radio Prague July 2017 Quiz on KVIFF

Are you ready to test your knowledge on things of Prague? Radio Prague July 2017 Quiz disclosed for you. This Time Radio Prague selects their prestigious International Film Festival.

If you decide to test your knowledge over this film festival, just send the right answer of the following question. Please note you have to send it before the end of July 2017.

Radio Prague July 2017 highlights:

Radio Prague July 2017 Quiz KVIFFKarlovy Vary is a spa town situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic. It is approximately 130 km (81 mi) west of Prague (Praha). The city Karlovy Vary founded in 1370. The city is historically famous for its hot springs (13 main springs, about 300 smaller springs, and the warm-water Teplá River). It is the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic.

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Radio Prague June 2017 Quiz on WWII

Radio Praha announces Quiz of the month, Radio Prague June 2017 quiz. The first day of each month Radio Prague ask a question on Czech History, Culture or any thing related Prague. From each correct answer Radio Prague selected six winners of the month.

For the month of June Radio Prague chosen a tragic massacre of Czechoslovakia. In the year 1942 the Nazi drove this massacre on the Czech land.

Radio Prague June 2017 quiz question :

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Monthly Quiz Radio Prague May 2017

Every month Radio Prague announces quiz question of the month. Radio Prague draws six winners from the correct answers received. Join the contest of Radio Prague May 2017 and win a Radio Prague prize!

Radio Prague selected topics of compulsory primary school education in the Czech lands for May.

Radio Prague May 2017

Czech students (Picture from Net)

The education history of Czech  begins in 863 with invitation from Rastislav of Moravia. It continues to Cyril and Methodius to come to Great Moravia. Charles IV founded the first university in the central Europe in 7 April 1348. It was  the biggest step in Czech’s education system.

According to school calendar, school session starts in September, a date established in around 1905, and schools break up at the end of June. It is divided into two semesters with exams at the end of each, separated by a one-day break and summer holidays. The summer holidays were not for rest and recreation of the children. It was for the necessary helping hands during harvest work.

In 1774, Compulsory primary education introduced in the Czech lands . The Habsburg Empress Maria Theresa (1740–1788) passed the law that every child between ages 6–12 is required to attend school. In 1869, compulsory education extended from six to eight years. But several changes introduced between 1945 and 1989. Primary schools use old curricula in the school year 2006-2007 for the last time. After a trial run, all schools following new courses from September 2007.

How do you know about Czech! Answer the Radio Prague May 2017 quiz and be winner of Cool prizes.

Question of Radio Prague May 2017 quiz :

Tell the name of the ruler, born 300 years ago, who introduced compulsory primary school education in the Czech lands.

Send your answer by the end of May to Radio Czech Monthly Quiz.