Monthly Quiz: Radio Prague April 2018

Radio Prague April 2018Test your knowledge on Czech Republic. Radio Prague April 2018 quiz focused on Czech tradition on Easter. In the Czech Republic, the Easter season, known as Velikonoce. . Easter Monday is the national holiday, and traditionally it is a time when women get whipped with a braided rod of willow.

Traditionally, boys in villages go around from door to door on Easter Monday to slap women, even strangers, on the legs, thighs or buttocks with the whip. The victim is supposed to give the boy an egg or some chocolate.

Radio Prague April 2018 : Czech Easter 

Easter (Velikonoce) in the Czech Republic is a fun time. Many traditions are still observed and practiced, especially in villages, and different regions may have their own Easter traditions and customs. The religious implications of Easter were suppressed under the communist regime. Nowadays, Czechs are again aware of the strong Christian background of Easter, but Easter has not become a serious religious holiday.

Easter Sunday in Czech

Easter Sunday (Neděle velikonoční) is a day of preparations for Easter Monday. Girls paint, color and decorate eggs if they haven’t done so already, and boys prepare their pomlázkas!

Decorating Easter eggs is a simple affair. First dip some hardboiled eggs in water filled with boiled onion peels and then place store-bought Easter stickers on the eggs.

Czech and Easter Monday

Pondělí velikonoční or Easter Monday is a day off in Czech Republic. It is the day of the pomlázka. Pomlázka comes from pomladit, meaning “to make younger”. The origin of the pomlázka tradition dates back to pagan times. Its original purpose and symbolic meaning is to chase away illness and bad spirits.  And to bring health and youth for the rest of the year to everyone, who is whipped with the young pussy-willow twigs. Boys would whip girls lightly on the legs and possibly douse them with water.

An Easter carol, usually asking for an egg or two, would be recited by the boy while whipping. The girl would then reward the boy with a painted egg or candy and tie a ribbon around his pomlázka. As the boys progressed through the village, their bags filled up with eggs and their pomlázkas were adorned with more and more colorful ribbons.

This tradition is still largely upheld, especially in villages and small towns. At present it has lost its symbolism and romance.  Now it is performed mainly for fun. Some boys and men seem to have forgotten that the whipping is supposed to be only symbolic and girls don’t always like that. The reward has also changed – money and shots of slivovice (plum brandy) are often given instead of the painted eggs and candy. But one thing is clear; Easter remains one of the most joyful holidays on the Czech calendar.

Radio Prague April 2018 : Question

Question of Radio Prague April 2018 quiz is:

What is the Czech name of the willow whip that is part of the country’s Easter traditions?

Listeners have to send the answer before the end of the month. Answer can send by email or regular mail to Radio Prague.

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