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Competition : Win A DW Smartphone Set

Deutsche Welle, Germany’s Public International Broadcaster, announced Quiz contest for their travel show “Check-in”. you can Win A DW Smartphone Set accessories, from DW by taking part in this contest.  DW audience competition is going into the next round and again looking for your best travel videos. No matter whether you have filmed dynamic metropolises or exotic landscapes, a coincidental gesture or a magical moment on your journey – send our holiday video and win! Read More

DW Holiday Video Contest – Check-in

DW Holiday Video Contest invites you to send your videos. DW TV show ‘Check in’ once again given you the chances to broadcast your Travel Video through Deutsche Welle. DW Holiday Video Contest

If you have a remarkable Tour with the video footage sent it to Check-in. If you have any plan any ‘t tour in the year 2017, don’t forget to bring your camera rolling. No Matter where you are on Holiday  in the world, just send your holiday videos and win DW Prize.

DW Holiday Video Contest 2017

You have a double chance of winning one of the three Travel set.  Travel set includes-
– DW Travel Backpack
– Airphones
– A dairy
– Ipod Shaffles

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DW Viewers Video Contest: Your best travel videos

Do you like to travel and do you always take your camera with you? Then why not enter DW Viewers Video Contest. From the tip of the Zugspitze in Germany’s south to the North Sea coast,

Check-In Banner Taken from DW Web

from rain forests to megalopolises, on DW’s weekly travel magazine Check-in Nicole Frölich and Lukas Stege seek out very special destinations all around the world.

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DW Euromaxx with a brand new look

A Brand new look of Euromaxx coming soon.  Euromaxx, a magazine program on Deutsche Welle TV. It telecast reports six time in week on Life and Culture of Europe and Germany. Major focusing issues of this magazine shows are Culture, Architecture, Photography, Film, Culinary, Lifestyle, Literature, Fashion, Music, People, Theater, Dance, Trends and Living. DW-TV telecasts Euromaxx since June 30, 2003 in German and English Channel. This 30 minutes show repeated several times in a week.  Arabic and Spanish version of Euromaxx started since February 06, 2012. Globally more than 200 million families watching this life-style through DW-TV. In addition 53 partner’s station re-telecast this show.

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Bengali Summer Schedule 2017 (A17) Worldwide 

Bengali Summer Schedule 2017 - AshikInternationally there are plenty of radio station broadcasts Bangla program. In this article you may find the Bengali Summer Schedule 2017 in details.  This schedule effects from March 26, 2017 and will active till October 28, 2017.

At present following station on aired Bengali program on Short Wave. Whereas, many others are on web based.

Bengali Summer Schedule 2017
0000-0030 IBRA MEDIA (FEBA Radio) 9390 Daily
0015-0030 Athmeeya Yatra R.(GFA) 9510 Sat-Sun
0030-0045 TWR India 9900 Mon-Fri
0030-0100 BBC 7485 9890 11700 Daily
0115-0130 SRI LANKA BC (Ahoban) 11905 Sat-Wed
0130-0200 BBC 9890 15510 Daily
0200-0257 China Radio International 9655 11640 Daily
0500-0600 Bangladesh Betar 7250 Daily
0600-1235 Bangladesh Betar 4750 Daily
0700-0900 Bangladesh Betar 7250 Daily
0900-1157 Radio Saudi Arabia 15120 Daily
1230-1300 Adventist World Radio 15430 MoTuTh-Sa
1255-1535 Bangladesh Betar 4750 Daily
1300-1330 Adventist World Radio 15255 Daily
1300-1345 NHK World Radio  Japan 11685 Daily
1300-1357 China Radio International 9600 Daily
1300-1400 China Radio International 1188 9490 11610 Daily
1315-1330 TWR India 12055 Sat
1315-1330 Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) 15340 Sat
1330-1400 BBC 9410 11750 15330 Daily
1345-1400 Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) 15320 Wed-Thu
1400-1427 Radio Veritas Asia 11880 Daily
1400-1445 Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) 15340 Mon
1400-1457 China Radio International 9490 11610 Daily
1400-1500 China Radio International 1269 Daily
1415-1430 Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) 15320 Mon
1420-1520 IRIB Radio Tehran 11720 11825 15400 Daily
1500-1530 IBRA MEDIA (FEBA Radio) 9390 Daily
1500-1557 China Radio International 9490 9610 Daily
1515-1530 Athmeeya Yatra R.(GFA) 15390 Fri-Sun
1555-1705 Bangladesh Betar 4750 Daily
1600-1700 Voice of America 1575 Daily
1620-1650 IRIB Radio Tehran 9675 Daily
1630-1700 BBC 5845 7485 9540 Daily
1630-1700 Bangladesh Betar 7250 Daily
1915-2000 Bangladesh Betar 13580 Daily
2230-2300 TWR 882 Daily

Data Source : HFCC A17 Schedule.

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