DW Holiday Video Contest – Check-in

DW Holiday Video Contest invites you to send your videos. DW TV show ‘Check in’ once again given you the chances to broadcast your Travel Video through Deutsche Welle. DW Holiday Video Contest

If you have a remarkable Tour with the video footage sent it to Check-in. If you have any plan any ‘t tour in the year 2017, don’t forget to bring your camera rolling. No Matter where you are on Holiday  in the world, just send your holiday videos and win DW Prize.

DW Holiday Video Contest 2017

You have a double chance of winning one of the three Travel set.  Travel set includes-
– DW Travel Backpack
– Airphones
– A dairy
– Ipod Shaffles

Rules of the contest

  1. You must have filmed the video yourself with a smartphone, video camera or digital camera.
  2. Video no larger than 180 MB.
  3. It should be at least sixty seconds in length.
  4. No text are allowed onto the video.
  5. If there are any music,please mention the title and the name of the composer.
  6. Write a short description of the place of video.
  7. Why the place is worth visiting.
  8. DW jury will select three best videos.
  9. Your videp have a chance to telecast into DW TV show ‘Check-in’.
  10. All entries will receive DW  by January 14th, 2018.

Upload Now : Check in Video Contest 

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