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Radio Free FM 89MHZCommunity Radio Free FM 89MHZ was launched in 1992. Formerly it known as AM1206, and rebranded in 2004 and 2012. The Station previously broadcast as Community Radio Hamilton on AM1206 and low-power 106.7FM in Hamilton city. It is now in Hamilton, Waikato Region and North Island. Its target listeners of different ages and genders through-out the country. Radio Free FM 89MHZ is also in live stream and on-demand podcasts from their website.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage allocated the 89.0FM frequency to Free FM in October 2011. After several years of lobbying, and raising funds, the Station launched successfully as Radio Free FM 89MHZ on 1 August 2012.

Unfortunately the 89.0FM frequency has had a number of users in its 30 year history. Initially it hosted University of Waikato student station Radio Contact. Later who renamed themselves as Contact 89FM and started broadcasting on FM in 1986. Showing reason as student politics the frequency license was leased to other operators in 1997. Over the following years it sold to a number of other operators. But none of these stations really delivered on the conditions of the license. In April 2011 the 89.0FM license expired, and later that year the Ministry for Culture and Heritage revised its criteria to meet a more general community purpose and allocated it to Free FM.

Main Programs of Radio Free FM 89MHZ
  • Free Breakfast
  • Active Age on Air
  • Hashtag Radio
  • Addicted to Rock
  • Rock del Sur
  • Shanti’s Corner
  • Tamil Allai
  • India Dil Se
  • Shanti’s Corner
  • Musafir Hoon Yaaro

Asian, South Asian and African taste from Free FM
Shanti’s Corner (Monday, UTC 0100 AM & Wednesday UTC 0800 AM):

Shanti’s Corner where Ms. Shanti talk about migrants like her, refugees, others and their country of origin. Free FM invites listeners to come on the show and speak their mind, telling experience in New Zealand or any good story. Phone on-(07)850-42-45,  Email:[email protected]

Tamil Allai (Tuesday UTC 0700):

Tamil Allai looks at Tamil news, political analysis, food, music, sport, education, health and much more. Host Maheswaran Rohan wants the show to make Tamil culture available to anyone who is curious to know more.

Talofa Samoa (Wednesday UTC 0600 AM):

Talofa Samoa is a Wednesday weekly radio show celebrating the vibrant culture and language of Samoa. Note that Samoa is one of the largest community of the Pacific Islands. This show also available on Podcast.

 Musafir Hoon Yaaro (Wednesday UTC 0700 AM & Saturday UTC 0500 AM):

Musafir Hoon Yaaro is for all Indian students who are away from home. Host Arsh (Jimm) Singh living in Hamilton from last 5 years, presenting various taste on Bollywood and crazy Indian music.

Kampai Japan (Thursday UTC 0600 AM):

Kampai Japan is a one hour show of Japanese music, news, current events and general chatter. .Chieko (Osaka) and Yukako are hosting this extra-ordinary show for the listener of Free FM. A touch of Kiwi music, news and a chance to learn an every-day Japanese phrase or word in this show.

Nepali Radio (Thursday UTC 0700 AM):

Nepali Radio is now from Nepal, It’s a one hour Nepali show from Radio Free FM. The main aims/goals of program are:

– Tie Nepalese community together who live in NZ or around the globe out of the Nepal.
– Help to refresh memories from Nepal as most people may have missed Radio Shows.
– Convey community as well as personal messages and organization motto along with programs (for examples Festivals) schedule etc.

– Sharing ideas specially for new comers, preserving Nepali Music and Nepali cultures etc.
– Most importantly, it is a part of community interaction in Hamilton, NZ.

Voice of Afghanistan (Friday UTC 0630 AM):

You may confused to know this Voice of Afghanistan is not broadcasts from Afghanistan. Voice of Afghanistan is an hour show from Free FM for Afghanis settled in New Zealand. From Kabul to Hamilton – it’s been quite a journey for Free FM volunteer broadcaster Ahmad Sameer Shigarf, with his show ‘Voice of Afghanistan’. Program’s aim to build up the levels of migrant community participation at Free FM.

Crossover Kiribati (Friday UTC 0630 AM):

Crossover Kiribati is the new Kiribati community show with a primary focus on news, music, interviews and notices from the different Kiribati Church communities. The show’s host Fulitua Taraora broadcasts current news and views in general from Kiribati, New Zealand and around the world, in areas that may be relevant to the lives the Kiribati people. This is intended to unite all I-Kiribati in mind and heart for better living in NZ.

India Dil se (Saturday UTC 0700 AM):

‘India Dil se’ is totally music, celebrities and Bollywood dedicated show. To fulfill the deficiency of Indian music Nitish Raj presenting the show ‘India Dil Se’. The one hour show gives you full enjoyment and fun. The songs make you crazy and delight. This show is for Indians friends and also from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Fiji because Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore kumar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Runa Laila all legendry singers belong to us.

To know more and to tune the program, visit Radio Free FM .

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