How to get Good Reception in DAB

How to get Good ReceptionDigital audio broadcasting (DAB) and DAB+ is a digital radio standard for broadcasting digital audio radio services, used in several countries across Europe and Asia Pacific.

The DAB standard was initiated as a European research project in the 1980s. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) launched the first DAB channel in the world on 1 June 1995 (NRK Klassisk), and the BBC and Swedish Radio (SR) launched their first DAB digital radio broadcasts in September 1995. DAB receivers have been available in many countries since the end of the 1990s.

How to get Good Reception in DAB

To get a good reception of DAB follow the following three rules.  

1) Update Channel List of your Receiver: 
Channel list is channel view on screen on radio. There are several reasons why you should regularly update this.

A) It ensures you get the channels available wherever you are. If you bring the kitchen radio to the cabin without updating the channel list, the radio can be quiet. The radio “remembers” the frequency where you did the update last and will look for it. NRK channels are broadcast at different frequencies from region to region, commercial radio transmits at the same frequency across the country.

B) It ensures you do not miss new channels and changes. Not all DAB radios automatically capture a new channel – therefore, channel list updating is important.

2) Check the antenna: All DAB radios need antenna. If the antenna is not mounted correctly, the reception may be poor. Antenna by car should be vertical. Many DAB adapters also require grounded antennas, so some of the antenna must be in contact with the metal in the car frame. In areas with very strong signals (for example, in large cities), a DAB radio can operate without antenna or with an incorrectly mounted antenna, but the reception will disappear in areas of normal coverage.

3) Use Auto Frequency Switching in Car: If you are driving from one NRK region to another without using the Automatic Frequency Switch (Service Following), you can lose the reception of an NRK channel. The function causes the radio to automatically pick up a new signal for the channel you are listening to. In some radios, the feature may also name DAB two DAB or channel persecution. If you do not have Automatic Frequency Switching, you must update Channel List manually.

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