MINSK 2019 : My Greetings to European Games

MINSK 2019

MINSK 2019

Radio Belarus launched a brand new contest MINSK 2019 : My Greetings to European Games. To give more focus on the 2nd European Games Radio Belarus organized this contest for their listener, viewer and the follower.  This contest started from 01 April 2018.

MINSK 2019 : My Greetings to 2nd European Games

Radio Belarus and the Foundation, ” Directorate of the second European Games 2019″ jointly organized a brand new selfie contest named, “MINSK-2019 : My Greetings to 2nd European Games.”

To take part in this selfie contest, participants have to submit a selfie. Submission started from April 01, 2018 and will continue up to October 25, 2018.

The contest has three stages:

  1. Stage-1:
    April 1 to October 25, 2018 – submitted photos are collected and reviewed, Juries will select 50 photos for the next stage;
  2. Stage 2:
    November 1 to 30, 2018 – voting for the selected photos on the special page of the contest at Radio Belarus website.10 participants will select whose photos will receive the largest number of votes;
  3. Stage 3:
    December 1 to 19, 2018 – the jury selects 3 winners out of 10 participants who receive the largest number of votes at the previous stage.

The final results will announce in the period between December 20 and December 28, 2018.

Rules of the contest

Before sending your selfie please read carefully the rules of this contest:

  • To become a participant it will be necessary to take a selfie while doing sports or against the background of some sports facilities.
  • Put words #MINSK2019 on it, fill in the submission form orsend the photo to SelfieContest.
  • Your sending photo must contain the following info:
    • Full name:
    • Country:
    • Email:
    • Mobile phone number:
    • Postal address:
    • Additional info (optional):
  • By submitting the photo, the contestants agree that their name and photo will be published in the media
  • They also agree to give an interview, if the organizers decide that it will contribute to the formation of a positive image of the competition and the organizers.
  • Selfie also upload from Radio Belarus Website #Minsk2019 Contest.
  • Each contestant can send only one photo.


The winners will be awarded with diplomas from Beltele radio company, as well as sets of tickets for the events of the European Games in Minsk and the official gear of the National Team of the Republic of Belarus.

Expenses related to the participation in the contest (traveling costs, accommodation, meals, etc.) will covere by the contestants themselves.

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