Radio Belarus Arabic Service starting today

Radio Belarus Arabic ServiceRadio Belarus International starts new language. Radio Belarus Arabic Service is starting today. From 1 October 2017, Arabic Service added as ninth language into their broadcasting bucket.

Radio Belarus International broadcasts in eight languages:

  1. Belorussian (11 May 1962);
  2. Russian (1988);
  3. English (January 1988);
  4. German (1985);
  5. Polish (2006);
  6. French (2010);
  7. Spanish (2010) and
  8. Chinese (2012).
Radio Belarus Arabic Service

A new language, Arabic, introduce in the new season under new 2017-2018 season of innovations and interesting projects. The radio will air a special weekly social and political Arabic-language program entitled Meet Belarus!

Executive Director of Belarus Radio International Naum Galperovich said, “Our potential audience will grow by some 345 million in different Arabic-speaking countries. It goes without saying that the programs will be prepared by native speakers,”

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