RSI 2018 Quiz 1 : The World in Slovakia

RSI 2018 Quiz 1

RSI 2018 Quiz 1 : Picture Credit- RSI (Zuzana Botiková,Martina Šimkovičová, Elena Seeber)

Dear friends, lets welcome a new episode of RSI monthly quiz. The World in Slovakia is a new quiz series from Radio Slovakia International. As RSI said with this series we will travel to globally known places, without living Slovakia. And we the listener, without leaving Radio Slovakia International. Enjoy The World in Slovakia.

RSI 2018 Quiz 1 : Question

Radio Slovakia International’s new series “The World in Slovakia” January 2018 question is:

How many people live in Slovak Canada?

Don’t go for wiki or any other search engine, remember it is Slovak Canada! 🙂

Remember the deadline of this contest is January 31, 2018. Any one can take part in this contest and the lucky one will receive Slovak prizes from Radio Slovakia International.

Answer may send by Email or by traditional postal service to:

RTVS, Rádio Slovakia International,
English section, Mlynská dolina,
P.O.Box 55, 845 45 Bratislava, Slovakia.

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