RSI 2018 Quiz 2 : Siberia in Slovakia

RSI 2018 Quiz 2 : Siberia in Slovakia

RSI 2018 Quiz 2 : Siberia in Slovakia

You may know a lot of on Siberia of North Asia. You may also know Sibir or Siberia means ‘Sleeping Land’. But how do you know about Slovak Siberia. RSI 2018 Quiz 2 focused on Slovak Sibera.

Zuzana and Martina will take you into Siberia without crossing the Slovakian border. Just tune Listeners’ Tribune of Radio Slovakia International and discover more on Sibir of Slovakia.

RSI 2018 Quiz 2 : Question

How did the borough of Siberia gain its name?

You have to send your answer by 28 February 2018.

Send your answer to 
RTVS, Rádio Slovakia International,
English section, Mlynská dolina,
P.O.Box 55, 845 45 Bratislava, Slovakia.

or by Email to RSI English Service.

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We does not ensure you the right answer of any quiz. We just help you all to participate into this contest. For the correct answer you have listen the original program. You may also find some tips or clues into my post. Be a lucky winner.

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