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RTI B17 Sortwave Schedule

RTI B17Radio Taiwan International (RTI) was established by the Kuomintang (KMT) government as the Central Broadcasting System (CBS) in Nanjing, China, in 1928. It is one of the world’s oldest radio stations that is still in operation today.  Radio Taiwan International broadcasts worldwide from the Republic of China on Taiwan. RTI B17 schedule yet shows as the same as A17.

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HSK9 B17 : Radio Thailand World Service

HSK9 B17Radio Thailand is a public radio station of Thailand. National Broadcasting Service of Thailand operates this. Radio Thailand World Service (RTWS) is the international service of NBT. Radio Thailand started its journey on 28 October 1938. It was under call sign HSK9. Radio Thailand is still using this call sign on its broadcast. HSK9 B17 schedule of Radio Thailand World Service shows it’s replaced 15590 kHz by 13745 kHz.

Radio Thailand World Service HSK9 B17 schedule 

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RRI B17 : Winter Schedule

RRI B17RRI B17 – Winter Broadcasting schedule is valid from 26 October 2017 to 24 March 2018. Bellow, in the table please find the details SW broadcasting schedule (with DAB) for RRI English.

RRI B17 : Winter Schedule

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RRI Summer Broadcasting Schedule

RRI Summer Broadcasting Schedule

RRI Summer Broadcasting Schedule

RRI Summer Broadcasting Schedule A17 frequencies are valid as of March 26, to October 28, 2017. English language program of RRI Summer Broadcasting Schedule using the following SW broadcast frequencies.

 RECEPTION AREAS            UTC                         kHz
   WESTERN EUROPE     05.30 – 06.00      7,330 (DRM);   9,620
    11.00 – 12.00  13,770 ; 15,130
    17.00 – 18.00 11,810 ; 13,660
    20.30 – 21.00 6,170 ; 9,535 (DRM)
    22.00 – 23.00  7,430 ; 9,760
   SOUTH-EAST AFRICA     11.00 – 12.00  17,670 ; 21,570
   NORTH AMERICA (East Coast)     20.30 – 21.00  9,610 ; 11,850
    00.00 – 01.00  7,375 ; 9,730
   NORTH AMERICA (West Coast)     03.00 – 04.00 7,375 ; 9,730
   JAPAN     22.00 – 23.00 7,325 ; 9,790
   INDIA + AUSTRALIA     05.30 – 06.00 17,760 ; 21,500
   INDIA     03.00 – 04.00 11,825 ; 15,220 (DRM)

English language of Radio Romania International are also available on website for Live and On Demand.

Radio Romania International (RRI)

Radio Romania International, is a Romanian radio station. The Romanian Public Radio Broadcaster (SRR) is the owner of RRI to broadcast program abroad. Radio Romania International known as Radio Bucharest up to the year 1989. The SRR produces and broadcasts programs in Romanian and other languages. The main objectives of SRR is to promote the image of Romania, and her internal and external politics for worldwide auditorium.

The first experimental radio programs broadcast from Romania for foreign listeners in 1927. It was a music program with a 200W power and operating in the 280m band. The first official broadcast in Romanian was aired on 01 November 1928, over a 400 Watt transmitter, in the 401.6 meter band. The first formal broadcasts in foreign languages of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation (SRR) were conceived in the early 1930s.

In December 1989, Radio Bucharest became Radio Romania International and the RRI services turned towards the future. Once again it going to build a bridge between Romania and the democratic world and re-establishing the link between Romanians home and abroad.

Radio Romania International was re-organized into two international stations: RRI 1 and RRI 2. RRI 1, broadcasting in Romanian round the clock, and also in the Aromanian dialect. RRI 2 – Radio Romania International, broadcasting in 10 foreign languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Serbian, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.

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