VORW new Schedule from June 2017

VORW new Schedule AshikMy radio program “VORW Radio International” is regularly broadcasted on shortwave, heard weekly to Europe and North America. VORW new Schedule from June 2017 announced recently.

Please note VORW stands for “Voice Of theReportoftheWeek” – TheReportOfTheWeek is my YouTube Channel which mainly features reviews of various items, as well as talk programs The program features a mixture of talk and music, and is a request-driven show, so the music has a great deal of variety to it.

The open letter from VORM including the VORW new Schedule is as follows:

Dear VORW Radio Listeners,

It has been almost two months since the last newsletter has been sent out in the time that has elapsed there are several schedule changes to report.

As of Thursday (June 1st) transmissions to East Asia on 9875 kHz and transmissions to Europe on 11580 kHz will be discontinued. The transmission on 9875 kHz has been discontinued due to low modulation of the signal, causing listeners difficulty to hear what is being said during the broadcast. The 11580 kHz transmission is being discontinued due to poor signals in the target area.

Despite the bad news, starting June 1st, a transmission on 7730 kHz at 0000 UTC (8 PM Eastern) will begin, targeting listeners in Western North America. This transmission will be heard every Thursday. There is also a new transmission on 7490 kHz at 2200 UTC (6 PM Eastern) every Sunday to Eastern North America – you could even tune in to that broadcast tomorrow!

VORW new Schedule


a. 6 PM Eastern – 11 PM BST – 9955 kHz to South America
b. 8 PM Eastern – 1 AM BST – 7490 kHz to North America
c. 8 PM Eastern – 1 AM BST – 9395 kHz to North America
d. 8 PM Eastern – 1 AM BST – 7730 kHz to Western North America
e. 8 PM Eastern – 1 AM BST – 9455 kHz to Central America

6 PM Eastern – 11 PM BST – 7490 kHz to Eastern North America

You may also be able to hear VORW Radio International on Tunein Radio at 8 PM every Thursday and 6 PM every Sunday at:

Archived programs are available on SoundCloud at: https://soundcloud.com/vorw_radio_int

VORW Radio International is a light entertainment program featuring a mixture of commentary and listener-requested music of all genres.
Please send your Comments, questions, reception reports and music requests to [email protected]. E-QSL’s are provided for reception reports.

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