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Winners Maramures ContestRadio Romania International recently organized “Maramures – culture and traditions at the heart of Europe” contest. From October 01, 2017 to November 30, 2017 listeners of RRI got chances to take part in this contest. December 21, 2017 RRI announced the Winners Maramures Contest.

Radio Romania International received 301 correct and complete answers. RRI English service received 123 answers all over the world. 89 of them found correct.  The winners will receive prizes consisting in objects that promote the culture of Maramures. The contest is organized jointly with Maramures County Council, the Baia Mare Town Hall, the County Museum of Arts “Baia Mare Artistic Centre”, the Baia Mare Branch of the Visual Artists’ Union and the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Maramures and Satmar.   

Answers of Maramures Contest

Which part of Romania is Maramures located in?
Answer is : in the North.

What is the name of the famous funerary art monument, one of the area’s main attractions?
Answer is : the Merry Cemetery in Sapanta

How many wooden churches in Maramures are on the UNESCO heritage list?
Answer is : 8 wooden churches in Maramures are on the UNESCO heritage list

What is the name of the county’s capital?
Answer is : County’s capital Baia Mare.

Winners Maramures Contest

Honorable Mentions:

30 winners are in this list from following countries:
China, Iraq, Belarus, Algeria, Italy, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Austria, India, UK, Australia, Ireland, Nederlans, Poland, Bulgaria and Germany.
From India, Mr Hemsagar Naik representing the South Asia.

Third Prizes:

There are 20 lucky winner in this list. They are presenting the following countries:
China, Austria, Algeria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Senegal. Italy, Belarus, Russia, Colombia, Canada, Philippines, USA, Denmark, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Ms. Gita Chakrabarty (India), Mr. Shariful Islam Sharif and Ms. Naz Parvin (Bangladesh) and Mr. Ali Shahzad Chadhar (Pakistan) are from South Asia.

Second Prizes:

20 lucky winners from the following countries got 2nd prizes. Representing countries are:
Spain, China, Germany, Algeria, Ukraine, France, Italy, Russia, Brazil, UK, USA, India and Malta.
Mr. Deepak Kumar an Indian nation representing South Asia in this catagory.

First Prize:

Winners Maramures Contest has 10 first prize and those went to:
USA, Serbia, Germany, Egypt, Russia, Italy, Peru and India.  Mr. Jaydeep Chakrabarty and Mr. Naved Raiyan (Both from India) were there as South Asian.

Special Prize:

9 special prizes went to the following countries participants:
China, Morocco, France, Italy, Russia, Cuba, UK, Sweden and Bangladesh. Mr. Ashik Eqbal Tokon (Bangladesh) representing South Asia.

To know the details winners list please visit RRI Winners of Maramures Contest.

Winners Maramures Contest: Motivation

ASHIK EQBAL TOKON, Bangladesh: (English Service)

“Radio Romania International is a gateway to discover Romania and the Romanians. It’s also a hub of cultural exchange between Romania and the world. RRI is a unique guide to explore the hidden beauties and the powerful culture as well as the historic places that lies into the heart of Europe. From my childhood Radio Bucharest, the Radio Romania International is one and only light house to take the adventure of discovering Romania. Listening RRI still my habitual manner and I hang on RRI’s web and surfing yet onto its electromagnetic wave. RRI is also my teacher, who bound to learn more through quiz contest and its informative features. Radio Romania International is my friend who always stayed beside me to enhance my knowledge on Romania and its historic beauty. Long live Romania. . . Long live RRI” . . .

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