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RSI 2018 Quiz 2 : Siberia in Slovakia

RSI 2018 Quiz 2 : Siberia in Slovakia

RSI 2018 Quiz 2 : Siberia in Slovakia

You may know a lot of on Siberia of North Asia. You may also know Sibir or Siberia means ‘Sleeping Land’. But how do you know about Slovak Siberia. RSI 2018 Quiz 2 focused on Slovak Sibera.

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Historic Building Radio Slovakia International

Historic Building

Historic Building Radio Slovakia

Radio Slovakia International (RSI), the international broadcasting station of independent Slovakia began broadcasting on 4 January 1993. The broadcasting house of RSI now declared a Historic Building in Slovakia. This Slovak radio building is in Bratislava. Internet based international broadcaster, RSI ceased SW long ago.

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RSI 2018 Quiz 1 : The World in Slovakia

RSI 2018 Quiz 1

RSI 2018 Quiz 1 : Picture Credit- RSI (Zuzana Botiková,Martina Šimkovičová, Elena Seeber)

Dear friends, lets welcome a new episode of RSI monthly quiz. The World in Slovakia is a new quiz series from Radio Slovakia International. As RSI said with this series we will travel to globally known places, without living Slovakia. And we the listener, without leaving Radio Slovakia International. Enjoy The World in Slovakia.

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My Slovakia Round 7 September Quiz

Into the My Slovakia Round 7, Mr Gavin Shoebridge try to explore the White Cave of Slovakia. He not only explore it for himself, but also disclosed it to all the RSI Listeners.My Slovakia Round 7

My Slovakia Round 7

September Quiz My Slovakia Round 7 question:

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RSI May Quiz: My Slovakia Fifth Round

Radio Slovakia International Disclosed May quiz of My Slovakia Fifth Round.

My Slovakia Fifth Round are focusing on a major problem of Slovakia’s Higher Education System. Statistical data shows a size-able number of people have left Slovakia. Due to demographic crisis Slovakia is facing a brain drain. A significant portion of university-educated youth leaving the country. But good news is, a group of high school students announced that they wanted to live Slovakia. in Slovakia has not seen for a long time that young people stepping into public life.

Slovakia Fifth Round

Picture from the Slovak Spectators website

Institute for Financial Policy (IFP), supported by Finance Ministry analyze the brain drain situation over the last 15 years. Analysis shows in that time, about 300,000 people have left Slovakia . It is almost 5 percent of the total Slovak population. Most notable fact is more than half of those leaving under 30 years old that makes a real crisis of a countries demography. In Slovakia health insurance is compulsory. From this register, IFP found that, who leave the country usually de-register with their insurers.

IFP analysts shows that, between 2010 and 2013 more than every tenth full-time student graduating from university left the country. After finishing the university degrees 12-14 percent of graduates leave Slovakia from 2010 to 2013. The biggest group of this leaving are the students of medicine and technical universities are .

Over the last 15 years the brain drain was highest in 2004 and 2005. At that time about 200,000 people left Slovakia.

Question for My Slovakia Fifth Round is:

What percentage of Slovak university graduates left between 2010 and 2013?

If you want to win a Radio Slovakia International prize, send your answer before the end of May 2013.

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