Who are the winners: RRI 2017 Contest?

Over September 02 and 24, 2017, George Enescu Festival was hostedWinners: RRI 2017 contest by Bucharest and 7 other cities in Romania over. To promote this prestigious festival Radio Romania International organized a contest on George Enescu International Festival. The mailing deadline for entry submission was September 30, 2017. Radio Romania International announced the name of the winners: RRI 2017 Contest.

Prizes for this contest consist in CDs with Romanian and foreign classical music, as well as other promotional items. The contest was organized jointly with the Bucharest City Hall, the Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts High School in Bucharest and Casa Radio Publishers.

Who are the winners: RRI 2017 Contest?

There are 80 lucky listeners and/or internet user able to win the contest CD from RRI. Here is the compile of South-Asian winners only.

Winners: RRI 2017 contest are:

a. Honorable Mention: (30 in total)

Country Listener/Internet User
Bangladesh Jakiya Parvin
Ruhul Amin
India Mitul Kansal
Nafisa Najim
Najim Uddin
Radhakrishnan Pillai
Jayanta Chakrabarty
Pakistan Salim Akhtar
Abid Hussain Sajid
Amir Jameel


b. Third Prize: (20 in total)

Country Listener/Internet User
Bangladesh Mahfuzur Rahman
India Naved Raiyan
Muhammes Nayim
Golam Hossain


c. Second Prize: (15 in total)

Country Listener/Internet User
 India Deepita Shakrabarty
Mahesh Jain


d. First Prize: (10 in total)

Country Listener/Internet User
Bangladesh Mofizur Rahman


e. Special Prize: (05 in total)

Country Listener/Internet User
Bangladesh Ashik Eqbal Tokon
Me and my entry

I am so happy to receive the honor as a special winner of George Enescu International Festival 2017. Radio Romania International also mentioned my quotes, what motivate me to join in this contest.

Quotation from my entry:

About the encouraging factors for me to get involved in this contest, simple discover more on George Enescu, who was not a ray just for his family, also the delighting stars of the music world. As like as the last contest on George Enescu (2013) my motivation is to explore the unknown facts of Romanian Classical music and its international influencing power that spread all over Europe and beyond.  Radio Romania International, is my only source to learn more and more about Romania, even from my childhood. Information are now on finger-tips, but it was not so easy in 1980’s. Thanks to all the inventors of radio communication make it easy for me to create a virtual Romania into my mind throughout the elctro-magnetic wave, which comes from Romania, travelling thousands of miles through the Ionosphere”.

What were question and the correct answer?

 01. Which edition of the George Enescu International Festival is held in 2017?
Correct answer: the 23rd edition.

02. Who are the artistic director and the honorary president of the 2017 edition?
Correct answer: the artistic director of the festival is the famous conductor Vladimir Jurowski, while the honorary president of this year’s edition was another famous conductor, Zubin Mehta. 

03. How many artists are taking part in this year’s edition of the George Enescu Festival?
Correct answer: Over 3,000.

04. In how many cities does the 2017 George Enescu Festival take place?
Correct answer: 8 cities.

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